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Want a deep dive into the pop music of the 1980s? This is the place. Every single song that hit the Billboard Top 40 from January 1980 to December 1989 will eventually appear on this site to be analyzed, discussed, and rated. New entries will be added twice a week (Monday and Friday), until I either run out of songs or collapse from exhaustion. Place bets now.

All chart information comes courtesy of Billboard. Songs are covered in the order they first debuted within the Top 40. Singles that appear on the initial January 5, 1980 chart were only covered if they peaked in 1980, rather than 1979. Yes, it's an arbitrary rule, but it's my rule.

Feel free to add your comments at the bottom of each entry. Any and all discussion is welcome, and I'll try to chime in as much as possible. Please keep it civil.


Lastly, a giant debt of thanks must be extended to Tom Breihan at Stereogum. His column, The Number Ones, provided much of the inspiration for this entire site, while his consistently excellent writing achieves heights the rest of us can only dream of matching.

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